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 Bogota, Colombia
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Top Reviews in Bogota, Colombia:

Bed and Breakfast Chorro de Quevedo Read all 3 full reviews for Bed and Breakfast Chorro de Quevedo

Calle 13 B N. 1- 53
Bed and breakfast
Lindo e confortável lugar. Eu e meu marido fomos maravilhosamente atendidos por uma equipe st ...
Estuve hospedad en el hotel y me gusto demasiado, fue algo diferente y muy agradable, la decoracion, ...
Magnifique maison coloniale, entièrement rénovée avec grand goût, dans la ...

Hotel Charlie's Place Read all 5 full reviews for Hotel Charlie's Place

Carrera 8D # 106-84
Charlie's Place is an excellent value, especially for the north of Bogota. They offer free taxi pick ...
My stay in Bogota was 100% better than I ever expected. The only reason for this was my stay at Char ...
I have stayed at Charlie's Place several times now and I can say that it feels like my home away fro ...

Tip Top Backpackers Read 1 full review for Tip Top Backpackers

Carrera 1 # 12B 81
Very nice hostel in a great area of Bogota. My room was always clean with everything I needed. The s ...

Alegria's Hostel Read all 8 full reviews for Alegria's Hostel

Calle 9 # 2-13
Es una casa muy Colombiana con las comodidades basicas para personas del todo el mundo, desayuno gra ...
Economico, limpio, divertido y Alegria la propietaria de este lugar y que tambien vive en el hostal  ...
La gente q trabaja alli es muy linda y amable, Alegria la dueña del hostal tiene 26- 28 a&nti ...

Arche Noah Guesthouse Read 1 full review for Arche Noah Guesthouse

Calle 12F # 2-09
Arche Noah is a great Place with awesome atmosphere. Everyone there are are so friendly and helpful. ...

Hostal Bogota Real Read all 2 full reviews for Hostal Bogota Real

Street 103 B No. 46-05
We stayed here for 3 nights and it was great. Really nice, quiet Hostel in what we found to be a saf ...
We have stayed in Hostal Bogota Real twice for a simple reason: the place is quiet, simple and frien ...

A Mi Refugio Read all 4 full reviews for A Mi Refugio

Carrera 19 No 33 - 21. Teusaquillo.
The building is empty, without signs to mark the business and no body open it. I was left on the str ...
we visited Bogota on our last vacacions, i really enjoy this city and this hostel in beatiful an ...
estuvimos con mi familia en abril en Bogota y nos hospedamos en mi refugio...realmente un hermoso lu ...

Chapinorte VIP Read all 2 full reviews for Chapinorte VIP

Calle 79 Numero 14-59 Apart 301
good ...
Great location, room very simple but clean! Antonio, the landlord, extremely kind and availanle! Enj ...

Hostal Fatima Read all 2 full reviews for Hostal Fatima

Calle 12C No. 2-24
very cold at night... little water and cold for shower... breakfast was decent and staff would accom ...
La reserva no estaba registrada  La habitación fue entregada con el baño sucio, con  ...

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