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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Ubatuba, Brazil
 Ambato, Ecuador
 Lima, Peru
 Vitoria, Brazil
 Paraty, Brazil
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Top Reviews in Ubatuba, Brazil:

Ubatuba Ecologic Hostel E Pousada Read 1 full review for Ubatuba Ecologic Hostel E Pousada

Rua Cesar Frank 488
Dear,   I discovered your advert during my research on internet, Is your advert still active, Emai ...

Top Reviews in Ambato, Ecuador:

Hosteria Pueblito Serrano Read 1 full review for Hosteria Pueblito Serrano
Km 4 Via A Cevallos
We stayed there as an overnight stay over to break up our journey, we arrived quite late at night bu ...

Top Reviews in Lima, Peru:

A Bravo Surf Camp Read 1 full review for A Bravo Surf Camp

Manzana A Lote 10, Santa Cruz
awesome place, very cheap, definitely worth a lot more than what i paid for. excellent waves, cool p ...
I had an amazing experience... good waves, nice people, everything was amazing!!!  I recommend it, ...

Peru Star Boutique Apartments and BB Read all 14 full reviews for Peru Star Boutique Apartments and BB

Calle Burgos #276
I stayed at this place with all my family members (around 12) in three different apartments. The acc ...
we stayed at Peru Star boutique apartments on 2 separate occasions during our tour of Peru. We foun ...
Located in a very safe and clean upscale residential neighborhood. Five minute / $3 cab ride to most ...

Albergue Inkasisa Read all 5 full reviews for Albergue Inkasisa

Lampa 286
rooms were neat, attention was great. awesome service and nice view. close to main city points. real ...
oh, very nice ...
私はそれは素晴らしかったです、私の滞在を楽しんだ。 ...

Peru Lodging Omar's Home Read all 3 full reviews for Peru Lodging Omar's Home

Santa Francisca Romana 655
Recomiendo este alojamiento en una familia peruana muy simpatica! ...
Buenos dias,    Somos dos chicas españolas que vamos a Villa el Salvador a realizar una  ...
Have a good time my friends ...

Hotel Soul Mate Inn Read all 3 full reviews for Hotel Soul Mate Inn

Calle Toribio Pacheco 350 Miraflores
The hotel is very nice, wonderful location and staff is very fine.   THE PLACE IS VERY SECURY, CLE ...
Estuve alojado en el Hotel soul Mate inn, por 03 dias , la primera noche tuvimos un SOUL MATE ROMAN ...
i am an easy going girl who loves to read and cook ...

Pay Purix Backpackers Hostel Read all 14 full reviews for Pay Purix Backpackers Hostel

Av. Japón Mz. F, Lote 5 - Urb. Los Jazmines
Friendly staff close to airport so good for those early flights out.Would definetly stay again ...
Great room, very close to airport but took s while for the taxi to find it. Negotiate taxi before y ...
I chose Pay Purix because of two reason, it was close to the airport and its online reviews were goo ...

Hostal Las Camelias Read 1 full review for Hostal Las Camelias

Montero Rosas Nº 976 - Urb. Santa Beatriz.
I was here in Camelias for just 02 days and it was a nice experience.  The personel was attentive  ...

Peru Star Backpackers Hostel Read all 2 full reviews for Peru Star Backpackers Hostel

Calle Urdanivia #102, San Borja
I enjoyed staying at Peru Star - San Borja very much. All the apartments are fully furnished, with v ...

Hostal Residencial Victor Read all 5 full reviews for Hostal Residencial Victor

Calle Manuel Mattos 325
Very helpfull and efficient,good value for money ...
Andy and the staff were amazing from the first day of our week long time together. The rooms were cl ...
We stayed at the Victor last week because it was close to the airport. First the driver did not pic ...

Machu Picchu Suites Read all 12 full reviews for Machu Picchu Suites

Jr. Machu Picchu 128, Urb. Maranga, San Miguel
Great little clean hotel, very good breakfast, friendly people, good almost English ...
The place was clean, large enough, comfortable enough, and very friendly staff. It is a gated place, ...
Basic but totally adequate suite close to the airport. We were sorry not to be there longer so we c ...

Top Reviews in Vitoria, Brazil:

That Hostel Read 1 full review for That Hostel

Rua Nestor Gomes, 235
I was recommended by a hostel in Rio to stay at That Hostel in Vitoria before continuing north to Ba ...
Dear,   I discovered your advert during my research on internet, Is your advert still active, Emai ...

Top Reviews in Paraty, Brazil:

Historic Centre Hostel Read all 6 full reviews for Historic Centre Hostel

Rua Dona Geralda 211, Centro Historico
I had a fantastic stay at the Historic Centre Hostel. Friendly staff, clean rooms, and best of all  ...
Nice trip in Historic Centre Hostel...we loved the situation, the barman (johnny) and the owner (Joh ...
Get closer to real paraty and ask for poussada villagio  much better deal :)  the hostel is too  ...

Eliconial Paraty Pousada Read all 2 full reviews for Eliconial Paraty Pousada

Rua Sete de Setembro, 5
Bed and breakfast
The owner was extremely helpful in suggesting things to do in the limited  time we had to spend in ...
I was staying in Eliconial Paraty Pousada March 2009. It was great and also good value for money. T ...

Paraty Hostel House Read all 2 full reviews for Paraty Hostel House

Rua Aldmar Coelho N°20
quiero saber si tienen habitacion doble matrimonial y cuanto cuesta la noche... gracias maria ...
Good location for bus station but bit distant from main town area. Good advice and help from Paolo.  ...

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