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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Amman, Jordan
 Aqaba, Jordan
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Top Reviews in Amman, Jordan:

Al Dawoud Hotel Read all 2 full reviews for Al Dawoud Hotel

Amman Next To Roman Theater
I will stay their again !! ...
The hostel owner is a very very kind man, and although the hostel has been running for a very short  ...

Farah Hotel Read all 2 full reviews for Farah Hotel

Amman Downtown
There was not hot water when it was mid-night i went to shower. not sure whether it is like that the ...
Hotel's staff is so kind to us.  I was really safety and good night there.  Thanks a lot . ...

Abbasi Palace Hotel Read all 3 full reviews for Abbasi Palace Hotel

Down Town , Saqf Asseil , Quraish Str.
I recomend it for all travelares !! so quite n clean hotel.... ...
This hostel is very good value.  For a low price you get nice and clean rooms, very friendly and h ...
never ever! travelled with my mother and needed elevator: didn`t work.  Dirty place, bathroom filt ...

Mansour Hostel Read all 4 full reviews for Mansour Hostel

King Faisal St
While this hostel is well located in the downtown area it is now distinctly shabby. The lobby and co ...
Mansour Hostel is the perfect place to stay for the budget traveler and for those who prefer basic a ...
Mansour was well priced for the budget travellor. ...

Al Waleed Hotel Amman Read 1 full review for Al Waleed Hotel Amman

Nasouh Al Taher Street, Sweifiyeh
I stayed just one night, but benefited a lot from its location. Locating just near the fashionable s ...

Sydney Hostel Read 1 full review for Sydney Hostel

Prince Mohammad Street
generally it is ok. the thing I like is that the staff is quite nice and helpful. the thing I do not ...
We recommend Sydney Hostel for all travellers ,it was the best place we stayed in during our tour ar ...

Roman Theater Hotel Read all 2 full reviews for Roman Theater Hotel

Amman, Al Hashemy Str. - Opposite Roman Theater
Nous avions réservé par Internet en stipulant l'heure d'arrivée ( 22H )Lorsque  ...
This place is old, run down and not very clean. There were a lot of middle Eastern men and I think  ...
A poorly equipped hostel, stripped of everything except what's barely necessary, noisy from the stre ...

Abjar Hotel Read 1 full review for Abjar Hotel

Al - Razi Street, Jabal Al Hussein
The hotel was located in the central area which was convenient for me. The room was clean and decent ...

Palace Hotel Read 1 full review for Palace Hotel

Down Town King Fisal St
I spent two nights at the Palace Hotel and will not return. My stay was my first night in Jordan, a ...
We made a reservation for the P.Hotel for two nights. We also arranged for a transfer at the airport ...

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